Existential Crisis Part Trois

March 16, 2017

No one is more shocked by my current optimism than I.

A couple of days ago, I was aimless and anxious.

Today, I still have zero clue what fucking direction I am going to steer my life in. But I feel pretty amazing.

Honestly, putting into the universe the idea that I was struggling to figure out my life has been great. I’ve already come up with activities I can do to improve my state of mind (E.G. Hike to the waterfront. Run stairs. Spend time next to sun-exposed window with eyes closed. Etc.) Plus I have so many notes going for my writing projects. I just love that small adjustments lead to big results, eventually. Hard not to feel optimistic. 💕


If you’re a very chill, very open-minded, very empathetic person, then you should listen to this

February 8, 2017

I absolutely don’t need you to go clicking on this if you’re

a) misogynistic

b) very conservative

c) not fun enough to embrace something unfamiliar with just a little bit of abandon

But if you think you can handle two sassy, sweet and hilarious 30-something year-old feminist badasses, then please look up Broadly Speaking on iTunes:


It’s my current fave, they are my forever faves.