Your Privilege is Showing

April 29, 2017

There’s a constant stream on social media of privileged assholes who are forever bitching about rights initiatives, and when I say ‘bitching’, I mean they are whining that current initiatives are cramping their style.

International Women’s Day, Black History Month (and/or #blacklivesmatter), Pride events, and anything else that falls under a marginalized group’s event category, are all amazing and important to millions.

Truth be told, these should be important to you even if you don’t personally fall into the category of a marginalized demographic. Because we’re all human, and we’re supposed to look out for one another. It baffles me that more people don’t feel this way.

BUT if you are someone who questions why there isn’t an International Men’s Day (there is one though), or a White History Month (are you fucking serious?), or Straight Pride (honestly, sit the fuck down, you dumb bitch), then I’m here to tell you that you have issues.

Please spend some time researching the terms you seem to have a problem with. Try to understand that, sometimes, it’s not all about you. Better yet, be a more well-rounded person and engage with people who aren’t your exact mirror image, so that you can relate when issues outside of your bubble come up. Be friends or acquaintances with people who are different from you so that you don’t go into the world as a completely ignorant asshole.

Lastly, think of others the way you’d like to be thought of. I’ll bet  your empathy levels will go through the roof.





Social Media Bullies

April 26, 2017

I promise I’ll get back into this blog very soon. I’ve been focused on some other writing projects and things went a little sideways  in my life, but that’s no excuse.

I just needed to post this one thought. Ever notice abusive or bullying comments on Instagram? I mean, I mainly see them on public figures’ pages. But you know the ones. Written by assholes just for sport, attacking the person who posted the picture, usually with an insult geared at the way the person looks. It’s fascinating to me that every single time I click on these douchebags’ (commenters’) profiles, it turns out to be a private profile. Every. Fucking. Time.

So this basically means these trash bags spend their time posting unnecessarily disgusting comments to the accounts of fellow human beings – but can’t risk having to take what they dish out, so they make sure that people who go to their page (in the vain hope of getting insight into what these assholes are about) can’t see who they are, can’t comment on their photos, can’t victimize them the way they victimize others. Basically they are protecting themselves from trashy humans like themselves.

I cannot properly and sufficiently express my disgust. But I admit that, every time I see a trashy comment, and click on the commenter, I chuckle when their private profile proves me right. It’s a rarity to find a public profile for someone who abuses people online for sport.

I honestly can’t stand the human race sometimes.

What do we need to do to weed out the sociopaths from the human race?

No…I’m legitimately asking.


Cheers to women, and to the people who love and respect them

March 8, 2017

My wish for this International Women’s Day is for at least a few men and women (who don’t get it yet) to be awakened to the idea that being a feminist does not equal man-hating, or extremism, or hypersensitivity. It takes time and education to get there. I personally learned so much about things I didn’t realize I needed to learn, as recently as 5-6 years ago. It’s okay not to be completely enlightened, as long as you realize it’s never too late to open your heart and mind. All love! ❤️

Could you ever go on a hunger strike?

March 2, 2017

I was watching a TV show where a character started a hunger strike under protest.

Aside from the fact that I have always had trouble understanding what one person or group starving themselves truly does to inconvenience a nemesis or opposing party, I cannot imagine voluntarily refraining from eating for more than a day or so (not counting when I’m ill).

When I first lived on my own and worked in a low-paying job, I remember occasionally being low on funds, but food was always the first priority after rent.

Mind you, I think my current self is finicky enough to go a while without eating if the available food wasn’t up to my standards. I know, I know – that scenario is galaxies away from the concept of a hunger strike.

An ex-boyfriend once called me out because, after over 4 hours of rollerblading in scorching heat, I passed on refilling my water bottle with lukewarm water from a faulty fountain, and decided I’d wait until we encountered a vendor to buy a bottle of sufficiently refrigerated water from, even at the risk of heat stroke.

I can definitely be a “first world problems” type of gal. I like to think, however, that I can adapt if necessary. But voluntarily depriving myself of food to get the attention of authorities who’ve already shown that they don’t care about my platform? I just can’t fathom it. I feel like I’m missing something when it comes to this tactic. It seems like a sit-in, a march or a bombardment of letters would accomplish somewhat the same result, no? Maybe I’m naive.

You Never Really Know What Someone Else is Going Through

February 26, 2017

This guy was trying to scoot past another guy in line behind me the other day at a store. He said, “watch out?” in a pretty convivial tone. He wasn’t trying to butt in, he just wanted to slide by and continue his shopping.

The guy behind me (the one who was being asked to step aside) pretty much lost it and made an aggressively snarky remark, the message of which boiled down to “you should’ve said ‘excuse me’ dude”.

I found it a bit much, but didn’t turn around. I then heard the guy behind me tell the girl behind him that his reaction was purely because he’d had a bad day, and he was in a bad mood. That wouldn’t have set me off either, but then the angry dude made some unnecessary disparaging remarks about the passerby guy. Including unnecessary and low-blow insults.

Listen. Listen. Always be aware that other things are happening outside of your world at all times. You never know what a shitty day a stranger has been through at any given time. Regardless of the shitty day you’ve had yourself. You never know what happened to someone 30 minutes before you lost it on them for little to no reason.

I’m not saying that this was the case today with this guy. I’m not even saying that you shouldn’t tell people off at times (because at times, people deserve it). And I am absolutely not saying we’re not allowed to be salty about people (because people do suck a lot of the time). But this guy in line behind me was projecting his feelings onto this other guy who clearly had no ill will toward him. I was there, and I heard the jovial tone in the alleged offender’s voice. How does he know what the deal was with the guy who innocently excused himself without saying “please”? It was just unnecessary venom.

I’ve had days where I feel shitty and hopeless in my life…and through some irony, those days are always the days when I encounter someone who approaches me for help at the most inopportune time.  What I’ve found is that in those times when I feel the most sorry for myself, helping someone else out or just listening to someone else’s plight, even those of strangers, usually does me some good. Either it helps put things into perspective, or it just distracts me from my own train wreck momentarily, which is a good thing. And there’s some euphoria that comes from helping someone out, at least if you’re a human with empathy.

If you have first world problems, there’s usually someone with worse first world problems, let’s be honest. And there’s always someone with worse problems, period. If we could all just be a little more cognizant of that, and more considerate of each other in general, we’d all be better off.

“Je ne sais quoi” is 4 words, not a 4-letter word.

February 13, 2017

“The secret to being a bore is to tell everything.” – Voltaire

I would go one step further and say that the secret to being an epic bore is to tell everything, and tell it in a hundred different ways.

One of the things I’ve lost patience for, since becoming an adult, is having to listen to people yammering on for longer than they should.  It’s amazing how many people go on and on when they could just spit out whatever it is that they have to say, and move on.

I’m obviously a fan of long, drawn-out conversations when it involves a juicy discussion with a friend about, say, a date – or anything else that requires extensive analysis. Obviously, these types of discussions are exempt from my wrath.  I’m also forgiving of the “drunken repeat”, where someone rehashes the same point over and over at a party because we’ve all been sipping on the sauce. That’s usually cute.

I am fresh out of tolerance, however, for people who feel like it’s acceptable to assault me with  lengthy accounts of dull things that don’t require lengthy accounts.

Do you remember in high school (and college or university), when the really good teachers and professors used to make it crystal clear that the essay they were assigning had better be succinct and boast quality over quantity?

I currently have regular contact with several people (ahem, professionally) who never learned that lesson – and who are, in fact, so thick that they likewise are incapable of reading between the lines in anyone else’s musings as well. Conversations with these people last for centuries. With one particular idiot, I literally let him think I agree with him half the time just  so the conversation can end, because listening to him is absolutely excruciating.

It would be funny if my life was a sitcom and I could throw snark at these nimrods – but alas, I am stuck being diplomatic and quietly homicidal.

I’m starting to see why people give it all up to go sell seashells on the seashore.