Thought of the Day

February 21, 2017

I wonder how many days in a row of watching the waves on the beach would be too much for me.


I’m fairly certain that number does not exist.


Things that make me feel tiny

February 17, 2017

There are a few things that can make me feel at once minuscule and blissfully omnipotent. All involve nature.

Deep woods: you know when you hike in the forest and you momentarily feel like Gretel or Snow White or Sleeping Beauty? Just me? I always feel some kind of enchantment and wildness within me when walking through the trees. Partly because I wonder what wildlife is waiting in the wings, but…I digress. No need to speculate on what creature is waiting to make me their lunch. Let’s move on.

Snow: during a snowstorm, I like to look up into the sky. Hundreds of thousands of flakes are falling through the air, in my visual field alone, at any given time. Not only is it a beautiful sight, it always evokes this impossibly peaceful feeling, even when I’m right in the middle of urban chaos. I love it.

Stars: there is nothing quite like being in the country or at a beach, and looking up into space. The unknown is always a little intriguing and romantic, but beyond that, the sheer beauty of stars in the navy blue night sky is breathtaking. I especially appreciate this sight when I get to see it, because I live in the heart of a big city.

Waves: the one sight, sound and smell that will forever have my heart is waves crashing on a beach. It’s everything I need to feel peace. The foam from the waves welling up and then dissolving. The water swelling and retreating. The crashing sound that lets you know the ocean is a beast. The knowledge that what you can’t see, deep, deep below you, is mysterious and terrifying…but here you are on dry land, hypnotized by these gorgeous waves, and they’re calming and beautiful.They always ground me.

Thank you, Mother Nature 💚