Existential Crisis Part Trois

March 16, 2017

No one is more shocked by my current optimism than I.

A couple of days ago, I was aimless and anxious.

Today, I still have zero clue what fucking direction I am going to steer my life in. But I feel pretty amazing.

Honestly, putting into the universe the idea that I was struggling to figure out my life has been great. I’ve already come up with activities I can do to improve my state of mind (E.G. Hike to the waterfront. Run stairs. Spend time next to sun-exposed window with eyes closed. Etc.) Plus I have so many notes going for my writing projects. I just love that small adjustments lead to big results, eventually. Hard not to feel optimistic. 💕


Existential Crisis Continued

March 15, 2017

After yesterday’s post, I seem to have spiralled down into an abyss of both self-doubt and dreamy optimism. Yes, that abyss is basically an oxymoron.

I really do feel lost right now, but at the same time, I feel like so many options are available, if only I can harness my motivation and drive.

I’m bordering on having an existential crisis

March 14, 2017

Have you ever been consumed by a sense that you should be somewhere else, or doing something else…or both? My mind has been buzzing lately. I feel fairly certain that my life needs a significant shake-up, but I can’t seem to settle my racing thoughts long enough to formulate any ideas. Actually, that’s not quite true. I can think of many things I’d love to try…things like relocating to somewhere completely new, changing careers, exploring outlandish lifestyle options that would take me out of the rat race….but I can’t begin to figure out how to even start. All I can think about are all the obstacles. Do I just throw a dart at a vision board, pick something, and work towards it? I wish I could just teleport to a terrace in Barcelona and transform my life accordingly. Of course, instantaneous change is a pipe dream. There is usually no quick fix. I believe that a dream scenario in itself is indeed attainable, and the path to such a scenario can be exhilarating. I just can’t calm down long enough to chart the path.

How do I quiet my inner chatter and focus? God, I need to go visit a shrink.

Underground vs Mainstream Music

March 11, 2017

Okay, so I love me some mainstream music. I will never be so pretentious as to judge others for their personal taste in music.

(There are enough trash types who do this all on their own.)

While I do love a bunch of popular stuff, when it comes down to the nitty gritty, I tend towards some lesser known musical artists, most notably electronica and the like.

On one hand, I want my faves to have all the success they deserve, and to get the compensation associated with success. On the other, I get this bizarre feeling of satisfaction knowing that my faves are still underground and it feels a bit like I have a secret, when I hear one of the songs only I know, at a public venue.

How do people who have no musical inclination whatsoever (I heard this one nut job say he doesn’t like music) wake up in the morning? If you don’t care  about music, what is there to live for? 😏

No, seriously, I’m asking.


Cheers to women, and to the people who love and respect them

March 8, 2017

My wish for this International Women’s Day is for at least a few men and women (who don’t get it yet) to be awakened to the idea that being a feminist does not equal man-hating, or extremism, or hypersensitivity. It takes time and education to get there. I personally learned so much about things I didn’t realize I needed to learn, as recently as 5-6 years ago. It’s okay not to be completely enlightened, as long as you realize it’s never too late to open your heart and mind. All love! ❤️

Life Improvements in Baby Steps Can Yield Big Results

March 5, 2017

I was in a rut.

I’ve always been a huge fan of breakfast, as I mentioned in my last post. As we all know, breakfast has been proven to be a great jumpstarter to your day. This has always been 100% true for me, not just because I love breakfast foods, but because I definitely draw energy and motivation for the day from that initial meal. People who swear they can’t eat in the morning freak me out, quite frankly.

Anyway, as I was saying…I was in a rut. For the last 6 months or so, I have fallen into this terrible pattern of usually not eating breakfast on workdays, and nothing good has come of it. Not eating breakfast led to poor choices at lunch and less motivation overall throughout the day.

Then I came across the whole “oats in a jar” idea online – and truth be told, I have no idea how or why it took me this long to become aware of this hack, because it was literally made for me.

I love oatmeal. I need breakfast to be no muss, no fuss on weekdays. I am lazy.

So oats in a jar is my breakfast match made in heaven. It literally takes less than 2 minutes to prep the night before, and it’s ready for a quick jaunt in the microwave the day of. And it’s delicious!


Over the course of a mere week, I noticed a significant increase of energy and motivation within myself. It’s startling how such a small adjustment has already transformed my life. I’m more inclined to push myself a little farther in every aspect, simply because I’m getting a decent start to my day.

Baby steps are worth giving a whirl. Consider it 👌🏼

Blogging highs and lows

February 28, 2017

Well, here I am, at the end of Month 2 of my personal yearlong blogging challenge. I have to say that this month has been even harder than the first. I guess peaks and valleys are to be expected. I just need to try harder. To be fair, though, it’s hard to keep up when not at home. I don’t lack ideas, I’m just having a tough time expressing them in short but sweet posts. I just feel like the growth and lessons that characterized Month 1 seem to have levelled out lately, but at the same time, I dislike the tendency to only just scratch the surface of the subjects I’m broaching. I guess I need to reconsider my strategy.

Here’s hoping Month 3 is mostly peaks and less valleys. Cheers!