Age-Old Question: Can Men and Women Maintain Platonic Relationships?

January 7, 2017

I live in a big city, so I walk a lot. The other day, I overheard a conversation between two guys who were walking a few paces behind me.  They were discussing some sort of conundrum that one of the men was facing.  It had something to do with his desire to change his relationship status with a female friend from “platonic” to “romantic”.  I hadn’t been paying a whole lot of attention to their discussion until I heard Conundrum Guy say “Anyway, I told her that I cherish the friendship.”

Call me a cynic or whatever you will, but this line was enough to have me laughing on the inside – I didn’t want to collapse in hysterics right there on the street, shocking and wounding Conundrum Guy.  It’s obvious to me, however, that this guy is letting his crush believe that he values her friendship above all else, when, really, he just plans to hover in the hopes that she will eventually give in and see him as more than just a pal. Read the rest of this entry »


The Joy of Boyfriends

June 16, 2010

Years ago, when the television show Will & Grace made its splash, I used to be kind of jealous of Grace.  Yes, she was only a character on a sitcom (and a bit of a mess at that), but damn if her relationship with Will wasn’t worthy of envy.  Will was fantastic – he was a supportive girlfriend and a doting husband, rolled into one hot gay package.  Grace could count on him to laugh with her, cry with her, bitch with her, and he always looked after her the way a smitten lover would care for his woman.  I’ve always had gay friends, but that level and type of intimacy had thus far eluded me. Read the rest of this entry »