In Defense of the Metrosexual

February 6, 2011

I love me a pretty man.

In fact, I have a long, scrumptious history of surrounding myself with beautiful men, and that’s not even counting the gays.  From the get-go, my taste in boys has tended towards guys who seem to not only have naturally good looks, but also harbor the talent to dress well and the predisposition to make special efforts in taking care of themselves.  And, um…no, Jersey Shore girls, this does not include “juicehead gorillas” – I will leave those gems for you.

I appreciate a guy whose parents have blessed him with fabulous cheek bones or piercing eyes or kissable lips – but being pretty is about more than just your inherited good looks.  Metrosexuals know this.  They go out of their way to purchase products that help keep their skin healthy, they pay special attention to what’s hot for men in the current fashion season, and they generally show at least a modicum of interest with respect to how they present themselves to the world.

More often than I’d care to, I’ve heard men denounce metrosexuals as “closeted dudes”.  Just as often, I’ve heard women speak of how they prefer their men to be “a guy’s guy” and how metrosexuals are supposedly not their type.

I’m totally into the idea of each woman having her own type – and thank heavens that not every woman is into the Pretty Man, because, let’s face it, that’s a few less women we metrosexual lovers need to fight off in the zoo known as the dating world.  But honestly, I have to say: I think these people are completely full of shit. Read the rest of this entry »