Having The Talk

One of my friends was talking to me about some guy she’s been dating, and I guess she hasn’t been too enamoured with him. She said that he awkwardly and somewhat formally broached the subject of becoming exclusive with her and that she always dreads when guys make that overture.

My reaction was basically “????????”

Am I alone in that I haven’t ever experienced this? I mean, I’ve dated guys and the situation we were in just sort of drifted off…and I’ve been in a number of exclusive relationships, but there’s no one instance I recall where I had a formal convo about being in an exclusive situation.

A part of me thinks the idea of that formal convo is just a thing for people who are sort of conservative and therefore pretty into rules. Where I’m from, a lot is unspoken, and it’s never posed a problem for me before.

Have you ever had awkward “we’re in a relationship” convos? Did they end well?


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