FAKEbooking and other social media bullshit

A long time ago, I wrote about how much I hated Facebook.

It’s a little dated because it was written ages ago, but it still rings true.

I’ve never returned to FB on a major level since that post, but I still visit briefly from time to time. I spend a bit more time on Twitter and Instagram (but I don’t usually waste follows on randoms and most of my FB friends don’t know my other social media handles (intentional on my part).b

I’ve always been a little irritated with people who go overboard on social media, especially if it’s not sincere. I’ve managed to sift out the “sincere” from the “insincere” over the years…

Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of over-the-top posts from people whom I personally know aren’t really sliding down rainbows, despite the way they are portraying themselves. And others from people I know historically like to overstate or mislead on purpose (and have told me as much). Makes me wonder…what’s the mindset behind this? Why not just post something understated, or not post at all?  Why the boasting tone? What’s really going on?


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