What Not to Tell Your Friends

A little tip: don’t ever tell your close friends something about your significant other that you don’t want them to remember.

I have followed this rule religiously myself for my whole adult life, because I hate the idea of a friend of mine harbouring resentment toward something a boyfriend has done, when I’m over it. And maybe (to be truly honest) I want to avoid friends’ judgment for something I’m already judging the guy for. Not something I’m proud to admit.

I myself have a virtual treasure trove of knowledge on partners of friends, and let me tell you: I have never, ever forgotten these tidbits, even after all was forgiven between them.

One of my married friends has no idea how much I loathe her husband. Because I would like to maintain a positive relationship with her, I exclusively show cordial respect towards him (not that he shows the same respect back but whatever) even though I’d like to drop kick his fucking head into oblivion. I know she’s not leaving him, so I keep my mouth shut, but I hate the hell out of this douchenozzle.

Take it from me, your friends not only remember the bad stuff, they hold the grudge you’re not holding. I am famously way more protective of my friends than I am of myself. So either keep it to yourself, or just know that your friend is silently judging your partner if he/she has committed any egregious acts that your friend is privy to.



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