3 Somewhat Unlikely Things Men Have Taught Me

Everyone who knows me knows that I love men.  Gay, straight, and everything beyond and in between.  I’ve just always related to guys really well, starting from way back in my childhood. Not so much that I’ve ever wanted to be one because let’s face it: being a girl is *FABULOUS*.  Am I right, ladies? I mean, other than the oppression and discrimination that we’ve faced since the beginning of time.  But work with me, here.  I’m trying to be a little less ranty than I’m used to being.

I tend to love my boys, but I do have a concentrated pool of fantastic females whom I love and admire, and regardless of my love for the male contingent in my life, I always feel obligated to acknowledge my girls.

I realized the other day, though, that some of my favorite and most enduring beauty tips have come from men; I think what makes this realization so shocking is that these all came from straight guys.  Yeah, I know.  I didn’t see that coming either. These happened a number of years ago, so these are much more commonplacenow. At least among the less macho types.

1. St. Ives body lotion (Collagen  Elastin) rocks: I’ve been using it forever.  I love this stuff so much, and most people have no idea I switched to it (over from a perfectly respectable, but inferior, brand) due to my sleepovers, years ago, at a certain guy’s house.  The relationship ended up crashing and burning, but I never forgot the moment when I was standing in his bathroom after brushing my teeth, rubbing this stuff into my hands, and wondering how it was possible that the guy I was seeing had better lotion than I did.  I quickly got over it and got myself to a retailer that sold St. Ives ASAP.

2.  Shower gel with loofa and exfoliating “poof” sponge = the only way to go: It’s been an eternity since I began exclusively using shower gel – my preference is the Yves Rocher brand. Chevrefeuille (honeysuckle – discontinued to my utter chagrin and rage) and Lavandin de Provence (French lavender) or The vert (Green tea) are my faves. I usd to use regular soap bars. It’s because of another boyfriend that I ever switched.  I was in the shower with him at his place and  enjoyed the whole poof and shower gel experience.  I did promptly decide that this guy’s choice of drugstore brand shower gel was not quite up to snuff for the likes of me, which is what led me to the Yves Rocher items. But he still gets kudos for waking me up to shower gel.

3. Facial toner while travelling: In a hurry? Feel like your face is suffering under oil and smog in the summer humidity?  On a plane coming home from a tropical destination? Keep a travel-size container of toner and some cotton pads in your purse or carry-on. I was once sitting on a plane with delayed takeoff from the tropical locale we were in, heading home with a bf and another couple, and we were all sweaty and gross and feeling greasy. Doesn’t my bf-at-the-time pull out his bottle of toner and cotton pads…and we all felt like a million bucks afterward.

All pretty random, I know. I just find it funny that 3 of my main beauty habits were kickstarted by experiences with boyfriends.

Unexpected = story of my life 👌🏼



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