This 365 challenge should be interesting

I have a number of topics I want to address in future posts, but writing on a public forum every day for a year seems so daunting. Especially since I’ve never been a person of few words. I always ramble on and on. That said, no matter what, I’ll try to post daily.

I will be talking about a range of things, including but not limited to my life experiences, friendship, work issues, and TV shows. I just finished watching all 7 seasons of Californication, and hell, I have shit to say about it. I’ll post my comments tomorrow.

Preview: I’m not the undying fan of Hank Moody that so many seem to be. I love him in my own way but…I would bitchslap the hell out of that 🎶MUTHAFUCKAHHHH🎶 (if you’ve never watched the show, you won’t get that reference btw 😆)

As an aside, I’ve begun the year with a brand new sense of self (after a lot of work (psychologically) last year), and I will probably have a lot to say on my new outlook/perspective in future posts.

Thanks to all of you who tag all along for the ride! 💙


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