Love vs Hate: PostAWeek2011

This Post-A-Week challenge is kicking my ass.

I decided to participate in this challenge in order to force myself to write more often, and to activate a certain degree of accountability.  I already write in some form or another on a daily basis, but Post-A-Week requires me to “publish” something every week, to make at least some of my work available to the internet public regularly, no matter what.

I have to tell you that I despise publishing anything I’m not 200% happy with.  It absolutely kills me to release a piece that doesn’t meet my unequivocal approval.  Realistically, though, if I hold out and edit each post to death, I may as well forget “Post-A-Week” and find a “Post-Bi-Annually” challenge to participate in. 

The good news:  I seem to have nailed down the best time and venue for brainstorming writing topics.  The bad news: That time/venue is apparently during the workday, while I’m seated in my office trying to do what I’m getting paid to do.  To be fair, I get ideas at all hours of the day, not just at work.  But it seems like almost daily, while at work, I find myself frantically reaching for the notebook I keep in my purse and scribbling random phrases and concepts that pop into my head, just so I can readily access these ideas later on.

I both love AND hate that work gets in the way of ideas that come to me every day.  Love in the sense that it means I’m tapping into my creativity all day long – and hate in the sense that, let’s face it – work is getting in the way.

I appreciate that people are checking back to this space regularly, and badgering me with inquiries as to where the newest post is – because it shows that people are actually reading – and this is the biggest reward for me when it comes to writing.  The number one pay-off for me is knowing that people have been entertained or touched by my rhetoric.  I’m overwhelmed by the show of support from friends, friends of friends, and even strangers.

The fact that I alternately feel anxiety and exhilaration when it comes to this blog is probably a good indication that I’m in exactly the right head space.  Anything worthwhile can and will cause you inner strife.  I think that when something causes you strife – but still makes you want to devote every free minute to it, and absolutely always brings you joy – you are on the right path.  I’m expecting it to get easier with every passing week; I predict that, by the end of 2011, I won’t need Post-A-Week as a motivator to publish a piece every week!

So while this challenge is kicking my ass, I am loving it, and I’m thrilled that you are along for the ride.  Rest assured, this is just the beginning.

Stay tuned: I have several polarizing pieces coming your way very soon, including (HINT!) a follow-up to one of my most popular pieces so far!

Thanks for reading,

Precious by Design


3 Responses to Love vs Hate: PostAWeek2011

  1. Princ says:

    actually…i disagree…i like it better when you don’t “edit” your work; it is more interesting “raw” and flawed – sometimes ugly is beautiful…art no longer is art when it becomes “processed” or edited to death…the purity of the work gets lost.

  2. preciousbydesign says:

    Haha, yeah I’m never going to see eye to eye with you on that one. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a writer (a real one, not the likes of Snooki et al) who would. You don’t want to read unedited work, trust me. The editing is what allows it to flow and keep me from losing you, the reader.

    The goal is for me to gain enough of a momentum that allows me to minimize editing time, and hopefully showcase more of that rawness you so love, without sacrificing the eloquence.

  3. Princ says:

    lol….well then, how come your “unedited” writings and musings have never lost me before???…. maybe you are one of the rare few.

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