All In, Writers’ Style

I’ve been writing creatively since the age of seven.  By the time I was eleven, I was turning in English assignments that had my teachers gushing that I would be a published novelist sooner than later.  My mother, being all about science, believed that creative endeavors were frivolous at best, and used to nag me endlessly for getting lost in my writing notebooks instead of  prioritizing my homework.  Even though I got great grades, she never encouraged my literary dreams.  I understand now that it was partly a generational thing, and partly that she just didn’t get it.  In spite of this, writing was my first true love.

I continued to be obsessed with the written word until university, at which point two things happened: 1) I was unable to find as much time to be creative due to my decidedly non-creative degree concentration – and 2) I encountered a somewhat unbalanced professor with a Jesus complex and a drug problem (no, I’m serious) when I decided to take a creative writing course as an elective.  My writing was not gritty or disturbing enough for him, and he slashed it to ribbons every chance he got.

I’m not exactly thrilled to admit this, but I allowed this guy to get into my head.  Since I was wrapped up in part-time work, studying and boys (not necessarily in that order), it became all-too-convenient to put my first love on the back-burner.

I’ve spent most years since university trying to get back into the groove.  While I’m back at the point where I write almost every day, I have become freakishly obsessive about perfecting every piece, and there is a lot more self-doubt involved in the process than I’d care to admit.

That’s where the WordPress PostAWeek Challenge comes in.  This challenge absolutely terrifies me, truth be told.  The idea of promising myself to publish a post at least once a week for the rest of 2011 is positively hive-inducing.  But here and now, I resolve to do it!  Oftentimes the scariest endeavors yield the most exhilarating results.

So here goes nothing!!!  Watch this space for what I hope will be a regular source of entertainment for my readers.  Please feel free to toss me some feedback, but please be gentle if some posts in the immediate future cause you to throw up a little bit in your mouth – dudes, I’m on writing deadlines for the first time since school!!!

See you under the crooked halo next week.


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